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As a director Emma prioritises access, care and play throughout the rehearsal process. They tend to favour text-based work, with a passion for verbatim, musicals and issue-based theatre. 

Whilst producing has been Emma's priority over the past four years, they have recently received funding from Creative Scotland to support their development as a director - including mentorship with Caitlin Skinner. They are actively looking for new directing projects to take on, so please get in touch!


Current directing credits include:  

Production Shot - Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

Bridezilla & The Orchard of Sin @ Play, Pie & a Pint - assisting Becky Hope Palmer (April '24)

Rehearsal Shot - Morna Ross

Burnout Rehearsal & Development @ Framework Theatre (Dec '22)

Screenshot - @Page2StageEdin on Twitter

Page 2 Stage Edinburgh (Oct '22)

Screenshot - Little Britches Theatre

Call Me Names @ Little Britches Theatre (Spring '21)

Image - Framework Theatre

Please Leave a Message by Hannah McGregor and Starhopping by Dani Enticknap @ Framework Theatre (August 2020)

Image - Framework Theatre

2020 in 20 by Emma Cochrane, Georgia Smith and Emma Ruse @ Framework Theatre (December 2020)

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